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Clean Your LCD Screen

I’ve gotten a couple of questions recently concerning the upkeep of LCD screens. Those flat-panel beauties are a joy to look at, for sure, but once the power is turned off all sorts of streaks, smudges and other detritus appear. How is one to keep their super-cool, modern monitor looking it’s best without permanently damaging it with harsh chemicals?

Well, let me tell you.

There are cleaning kits, which will run you about $12, and apart from setting you back a few bucks, they don’t offer cleaning power any more substantial than a four dollar rag and some good ol’ H2o. What you’ll need to buy is a microfiber cloth, which can be found at your local mega-mart or drugstore. Run it under some luke-warm water and wring that puppy out, and when I say wring it out I mean make sure that it’s just barely moist. This is important, because if you’re dripping water all over the screen the consequences could cost you another monitor, so be careful!

Make sure the monitor is turned off (obviously!) and wipe it down, making sure to be as gentle as a lamb. In no time you’ll have a nice, spotless screen and peace of mind in knowing that you saved some money, too!