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Clear Those Passwords

Clear Those Passwords

In the past, we here at WorldStart have told you how you can set your Web browser to save all the passwords you use for certain Web sites, etc. So, what happens when you don’t want those passwords saved anymore? You never know when you may want to keep your options open or even change a password. In that case, you just have to clear them out. Here’s how!

If you’re using Internet Explorer as your main Web browser, open it up and go to Tools, Internet Options. From there, click on the Content tab and then hit the AutoComplete button. Next, click on the Clear Passwords button and click OK if you’re 100 percent sure that’s what you want to do. Click OK two more times and you’ll be all set.

Now, if you use Firefox, go to Tools, Options and click on the Privacy icon. Next to the Saved Passwords choice, hit the Clear button and all your saved passwords will be cleaned out for you. Click OK once and everything will be done. While it’s sometimes easier to have your passwords saved, there are also times when you don’t want it done that way. And that’s when this nifty little tip will come in very handy for you. Don’t you agree?!

~ Erin