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Clear Websites in Search Bar

A reader named Ed asks:

I would like to know how to clear all the web sites in my search bar. How do I do this?

Hello Ed, and thanks for the great question. You will be glad to know that it is easy to clear all the websites in your search bar and it only takes a few minutes. You can clear the websites from your search bar in the Google Toolbar, Firefox, or Internet Explorer by performing the following steps:

Clear Google Toolbar Search History:

Open the web browser, and then click the drop-down arrow from the Google Toolbar search box, and then click Clear History.

If you do not want your Google Toolbar to save any search history, click the wrench icon, click the Search tab, and then uncheck Store search history on my computer. Click Save to save the changes. From this point on, no websites will be saved in the search history.

Clear Internet Explorer Search History:

Open Internet Explorer. Press the Ctrl+Shift+Delete buttons simultaneously on your keyboard

Check the History and Form data check boxes, and then click the Delete button.

Clear Firefox Search History:

Click the Firefox Tools menu. Alternatively, you can press Alt-T on your keyboard to open the Tools menu.

Select History and then select Clear Recent History.

Click the drop-down next to Time range to clear and select how much of your history you want to clear.

Click the drop-down arrow next to Details.

Check the Browsing & Download History and Form & Search History checkboxes.

Click the Clear Now button.

The websites should now be cleared from your search bar. We hope this tip has been helpful for you.

~Rita Wood