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Clear Word Formatting

We’ve all had this moment… the one where we realize that so much mismatched and random formatting has been done to our document that it’s time to just start over.

Well, not start completely over – I certainly don’t mean that we would want to delete all the document content – just the formatting.

As many of you know, a simple Ctrl + Spacebar will clear the formatting from selected text… but what if you’re not into the whole key combination thing?

Some people just aren’t good with memorizing them – so what’s available (and easy to use) for you?

As usual, the answer to that question depends upon the version of Word you’re using so after the text is selected then here’s where the directions must diverge.

If you’re using an older version of Word then you’ll need the Edit menu, Clear submenu, Format choice.


If you’re using Word 2007 then you’ll need the Home tab of the Ribbon, Styles section.


Click the dialog launcher in the bottom right corner and choose Clear All from the list.

Poof! All formatting stripped away leaving you ready to try again, hopefully creating a finished product that doesn’t appear to be mismatched or random in the least.