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Clear WordArt in PowerPoint

We all know that when it comes to PowerPoint presentations we tend to use a lot of styling aspects such as text color, shadows, glow, etc… basically all the things that appear in the WordArt Styles section of the Drawing Tools, Format tab that appears on the Ribbon when we’re working in text boxes.


You may not have noticed it but any time that you work with text in a presentation it’s treated like WordArt, which is why you have so many choices for customizing the look of your text.

But… what if you’ve made a lot of changes and you just want to clear them all away to start over?

Do you use the undo button over and over and over again?

Or, maybe you’ve actually gone through the hassle of creating a new text box and retyping the text?

Either way, those choices can quite a waste of time.

So let’s try a single clean wipe of the formatting.

To do that we need to first select the specific text or text box to be stripped of the formatting.

Now we need to be back at the Drawing Tools, Format tab.


Click the bottom down-arrow on the preset style palette then choose Clear WordArt from the bottom.


The extra formatting is wiped clean and you can work on finding the “right look” for your presentation.