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Click in Your References

Click in Your References

Did you know you don’t have to type cell locations into formulas in MS Excel?

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a pain to have to verify all my cell locations just so I can type them into a formula somewhere else in the worksheet!

Wouldn’t it be much easier to simply click on cell B26, for example, instead of looking for the cell location and then typing B26 into the formula?

Yeah, I thought so too and luckily, Excel lets you do just that!

No longer do you have to scroll through your worksheet, looking for the cell you need, just to scroll back to your formula to add that address and then start all over again with the next one.

Excel allows you to start your formula (with the equal sign and any other beginning information) and when you get to a cell (or range of cells) that must be inserted, just simply scroll and click (or highlight for multiple cells). Excel will automatically insert the cell location for you.

Next, enter whatever is left of the formula by clicking at any other juncture where a cell reference is needed. Then just hit the Enter key when you’re done.

For example, to add cells A1 and B1, you could type =, click on cell A1, type the +, click on cell B1 and finally, hit the Enter key.

The formula =A1 + B1 will be your end result. (Obviously, that one is too simple to bother with the clicking, but whenever you’re not sure of the exact cell location of the data, the click method is just the thing you need).

I’m sure if you have complicated or large worksheets, it can be a real timesaver when you don’t have to resort to scrolling all the time. Give it a try!

~ April