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ClipCache Pro

Computer clipboards can be hard to manage as they hold limited amounts of information at one time. For example, if you enter in an address and then a phone number, the clipboard might only retain the phone number. Basically, as soon as you copy the newest bit of info, the ones before it, will be overwritten.

One great tool to use is Rose City’s new software ClipCache Pro (http://www.rosecitysoftware.com/clipcache [1]). You can try downloading it for a free 30-day trial, so you see how much it enhances your clipboard. It increases productivity by allowing you to reformat and cleanup text in many ways.

Since the software lurks in your clipboard, it can do things like trim your indentations, apply sentence case structures, remove empty lines, and strip HTML tags.

This helps your documents have a cleaner look. It also allows you to store text clips for reading later, copies texts and makes changes to it, prior to pasting, gives you a ‘Search/Find’ facility, and stores multiple levels of information without deleting anything.

No wonder, this software has won many awards for its productivity enhancement feature. Works well with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

~Zahid H Javali