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Clone External Hard Drive

George from Ohio writes:

I read how to clone a hard drive (mechanical to SSD). If I want to clone an external hard drive, is the process the same, or do I have to do something different (and if so what)?


Thank you for reading my article on closing your hard drive using EasyUs Disk Copy (click here [1] to read the original article.)  If you want to use a software program inside of Windows instead of making a boot disk with EasyUS Disk Copy, I recommend MiniTool Partition Wizard. You can read my review of MiniTool by clicking here [2].

The answer to your question is yes, the process is the same to clone an external hard drive as an internal one. The only thing you have to make sure you do correctly is select the source disk as the correct external drive, and the destination disk as the new external drive.

To everyone else reading this article thinking “why would you want to clone an external hard drive?” there are a few good reasons to do this.

Upgrading drives. You can easily copy all the information over to the new drive by cloning the drive. This is great if you’re going from a smaller backup drive to a larger one.

Off Site Backup. If you are a business user and keep an external hard drive off-site incase of fire/damage to your backup system this is a great way to make an exact duplicate of an external hard drive.

Replacing a failing disk. If you have an external drive  that is reporting that it needs service, you can mirror the drive to a new external drive and verify it, before sending the drive off to be serviced.