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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a term you may have heard before, but do you know what it means? Moreover, do you know what it means for you specifically? No, it’s not some sort of steam-powered supercomputer, although it would be pretty cool if it was!

Imagine a future where just about everything you use on your computer (music, pictures files, etc.) could be accessed from anywhere you could get on the Internet. Actually, it’s not really hard to envision at all, seeing as some of us already use sites like “flickr” which act as an online storehouse for our pictures. But imagine everything for a moment. No more installing huge games to our hard drives and worrying about lost disks, if we forgot a document for a meeting we could just hop online and retrieve it! Want a friend to hear a favorite song of yours? It will all be possible! Even your settings will be kept online, so you don’t have to fiddle around with options every time you hop on. How cool is that?

Yeah, I thought about security too, and I’m pretty sure that if Cloud Computing becomes a full blown reality we’ll have to see measures taken to prevent theft and other malicious happenings. Still, I think the concept is neat enough to share with all of you!