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Cocoa Heaven – A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

I don’t know about all of you, but I love hot cocoa in the winter. And while Nemo (the storm – not the captain or fish) didn’t trouble us too much in Toledo, it is bitterly cold and windy. The perfect day for hot cocoa! 

This site is devoted to all things cocoa, but I discovered it because I was looking for a recipe for hot cocoa (not to be confused with hot chocolate). When I arrived at the site I found the recipe for the World’s Best Gosh Darned Hot Cocoa [1] which is both a food lesson and recipe in one! It’s also a starting point for hot cocoa adventures as you decide what you want to put in your hot cocoa the next time. 

Navigation is easy! You’ll find featured articles right on the main page, and a handy dandy side menu on the left of the page. The side menu has the categories: Chocolate Candy Reviews, Chocolate Conspiracy Theories, Chocolate Facts, Chocolate Obsession, Holiday Chocolate Candy and Not Chocolate Candy. It also features a selection of the most popular posts to make it easy for you to find them. 

Something different you should know about navigating this site; when you are in a section, you need to scroll past the advertisement and use the numbered tabs to travel back through the previous entries. 

I love all the reviews and facts found on this site, now go make yourself  some delicious hot cocoa and keep warm out there!

http://cocoa-heaven.com/ [2]