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Research shows that it is difficult to get to work in a completely quiet environment as well as in a loud noisy office, so what’s the best way to be productive? A mix of low ambient sound and some of your favorite music is one option. 

Coffitivity provides low ambient sounds (as if you were sitting in a coffee shop enjoying your favorite latte while getting work done) and helps you adjust your music, so you have a perfect blend of sound to create a very productive environment. 

Obviously when you arrive at this site there is going to be sound, that’s the whole point! The idea is to recreate the productive environment of a coffee shop. If you scroll down the page, you’ll find an explanation of how it works, testimonials from folks who are using it. 

They even provide you the research behind the ambient noise they’re providing, and you can check it out here [1]

I’ve been using this site to keep me on track when I’m writing up Cool Sites and I plan to use it in the fall to keep me focused on getting my work done in graduate school. 

Check it out today! 

http://coffitivity.com/ [2]