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Collapse: Why Do Civilizations Fall?



Have you ever wondered why a civilization might have collapsed? Well, I certainly have, but that’s the sort of thing that pops through my head on occasion. This site looks at why civilizations may have collapsed.

It looks at several different collapsed societies like the Maya, Mesopotamia, Chaco Canyon, and Mali & Songhai. There are two ways to navigate. You can use the side menu to click into the section you want to explore, or you can scroll down the page and click the Ready to Get Started link.

Wherever you see the little statuette, you’ll find a hands-on activity that you can participate in. I highly recommend you check them out wherever you see them because it’s like being on an archeology dig!


You get to look at the evidence that has been discovered and see what it means in the larger picture of what happened! Then, when you’ve seen all the evidence you get to come to your own conclusion.

What will you discover? You won’t know, until you check it out!