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Color Coded Categories in Outlook 2007

Do you use the color-coded categories in MS Outlook 2007?

I don’t know about you but I love them in conjunction with e-mail rules so that as certain messages come in they are marked for my attention as soon as they hit my Inbox.

What I’d like to discuss today is an extension of the category use.

Did you ever notice that practically everything in Outlook 2007 can be categorized just like your e-mail?

Take a look…

For example, in the calendar right-click on an appointment


See the Categorize choice? It leads you to the exact same situation that you get when you right-click on a message.

Or… instead of trying a right-click on everything, simply take a look at the Standard Toolbar.


See the Categorize button? If you have a task, note, appointment, contact, etc. that needs to be assigned to a category and this button is accessible then you can. It’s as simple as that – no more difficult than it is to categorize a message.

I should probably add that while I could categorize my contacts, the color coding doesn’t show in all the view options… so, if you’re looking to color code your contacts you may have to experiment with the way that you view them to get what you really want.

Overall, I found that using this option can really help me to organize and prioritize. Since this feature is very visual with all the different colors to go with each category I find it extremely easy to see what needs to have my full attention with just a glance.

Anything that makes my work and day go a little bit easier is a very good thing!

~ April