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Color Diamond Encyclopedia

Learn all about Color Diamonds—where they are produced, what varying colors they come in, and their history.

When you fist load this site if you just wait a moment, a diamond slide show will start and you will view all the colors of the diamonds listed on the page. It goes right down the diamond bar, and you can click to see just the ones you want to look at. At the bottom of the diamond bar you can also choose to pause the slide show, or start it. Each section on the menu is a drop down category that if you click the title you can see your menu options.

Natural Color Diamond Defined — This section is divided into Natural Color Diamonds Defined, Color Origin, and Color Diamonds vs. Color Gem. The next button has tiny arrows near the top of the section you are in and on the opposite side of the menu. Here you will learn all about how diamonds differ from gems, why they get the colors they do and how it all works. This was a very interesting read, and it’s at a level where you don’t need to be a jeweler or a scientist to understand it. Learn about Type 1 and Type 2 Diamonds, and why Green Diamonds are different.

Quality Grading — Learn about the 4 C’s vs. Color, laboratory color diamonds, the rest of the section is about color grading and color certificates.

Market — This is where you learn all about their market value. Rarity and Price, Marketing, Price by Color and Cut, and Budget. If you are looking to buy colored diamonds you definitely want to take a look at the Budget section which tells you about how much each kind would cost at a certain carat. And let me tell you it will be along time before I own an intense green diamond.

History of Natural Color Diamonds — This section talks a lot about the historic importance and popular of Color Diamonds, from different regions of the globe to different era’s in history. A very interesting read.

Famous Natural Color Diamonds — this is where you can see the crème de la crème of colored diamonds. These are the famous ones that have a history as large as their carats. From diamonds you’ll recognize like the Hope to my favorite the De Young Red, you’ll find charming history and beautiful photos of these diamonds. This is the section to check out thoroughly

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