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Color Excel Worksheet Tabs

Okay, so maybe not exactly to “your life,” but would you settle for a little color added to your Excel worksheet tabs?



Now of course, I’ve got to mention one small catch. This one wasn’t in Excel 97 or 2000. It seems to be an additional feature in the newer versions… and yes, that does include Excel 2007.

So, here’s the deal. You can now turn this:


Into this:


It’s an incredibly quick and easy way to color code your worksheet tabs or maybe to even simply make the most frequently used tabs stand out from the rest.

Whatever reason just popped into your mind, it’s a great tool for organizing your files.

So, let’s get to the “how to!”

The tab color is just one click away. That is, one right-click.

Right-click over the tab that needs a color change.


From the pop up menu, choose the Tab Color choice and then pick a color. (In versions prior to 2007 you’ll actually get the Format Tab Color dialog box so you’ll have to click OK to exit.)


The tab color is set.

You will find that while the sheet is selected, the color will only show as an underline below the sheet name.

Once you select a different sheet though, the entire tab will be displayed in color.

Looking to remove the color completely?

No problem. Right-click on the tab again, select Tab Color and choose No Color / None. Click OK if your version of Excel requires it.

There you have it. Now you’re ready to color your Excel world beautiful!