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Color Printing Issues

When I print in color green comes out blue and yellow comes out white. How do I correct this.

First, let’s start with how an inkjet printer works: everything you see is made up of 3 colors—magenta (red), cyan (blue), and yellow. Some printers have a seperate black cartridge, while others create black using a combination of all three.

When you choose a color, your computer tells the printer how much of each should be used to produce it. Remember kindergarten? When you mix blue and yellow what do you get? That’s right, green. You get a happy face for today :-)

It would be nice if the three colors of ink all wore out at the same time, but we know this is not the case. If you print black text alot with just a color cartridge, then expect it to be spent quickly. If you print alot of yellow, then expect yellow to wear out, thus making your green into blue.

So, when your color gets funky, take out a second mortgage on the house, head on down to your local office supply and pick up a cartridge.

~ David