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Welcome to Color – a very fun color matching game! 

This game is deceptively easy at first, then it gets much harder. Your job is to mouse-over the color wheel to find the matching color for what is displayed (with one small catch, your cursor is tied not to just one point on the color but to two points and then four points as the game progresses).

Before you get started playing, make sure that you check out the section Adjust your Brightness. This will make sure that your monitor is calibrated correctly for the color matching game. If it isn’t, you may need to adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor’s settings.

Are you color blind? You can still play the game. Click Color Blind Assist this will give you the option to start the game with the color blind assistance turned on. What it does is provide a shape as well as the color you are searching for.

Okay, so you’re ready to play – click the color wheel. The first round is hue. Use your mouse to match the color on the outside rim of the circle to the color displayed in the center of the circle. Eventually searching for different types of color: Hue, Saturation, Complementary, Analog, Triad, and Tetrad.

Each round gets progressively harder as you have more points or colors around the circle to match. When you’ve reached the color that matches click on it with your mouse. You’ll then receive a score ranging from: perfect – you matched the color exactly, very good – it is almost a complete match, good – you’re in the ballpark, and poor – you didn’t match it at all.

How will you fair in this game of color matching savvy? I do fairly well on the first three rounds and then I’m very hit or miss it’s either very good or poor. Check it out today and give it a try yourself!  

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