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Colored Labels in Gmail

Colored Labels in Gmail

As you probably remember, this past Tuesday (December 4, 2007), I wrote a tip on a couple of new features that the Gmail e-mail program just released. Well, I’ve got one more for you today and I think you’re going to love it even more! It has to do with colored labels and let me tell you, it’s amazing! Now, I know this is something you can do in a few other e-mail programs (like Outlook Express), but Gmail really puts their own twist on it and it’s just so cool. I’m begging you to check it out. Keep reading to learn all about it!

With this new feature in Gmail, you can better organize your e-mail by creating labels for all the different types of e-mails you get. For example, maybe you get a lot of work e-mails and you need to keep them separated from your personal messages. Just create a “Work” label, choose a color for it and all of your work e-mails will be highlighted in that color for easy access. Or, maybe you’re hosting a Christmas party and you need to keep all of those e-mails in order until all of the planning is done. If so, just create a “Party” label, designate a color for it and you’ll be all set. It just doesn’t get any easier to keep all of your e-mails in check.

Now, there are two ways you can set up your labels. For the first method, click on Edit Labels at the bottom of your Labels list. Next, click Rename next to the label you want to change and then type in what you would like it to be called. Click OK and you’ll be done. For the second method, click on the little square next to one of your labels in your Labels list and a color palette will open. At the bottom of that, hit Edit Name. Then just type in the name you want the label to be and click OK. If you already had some labels created, Gmail will include those along with your new labels so that you don’t lose anything. It’s just an easier and faster way to keep all of your e-mails organized and in line. So, if you’re a Gmail user, give this a try today. Again, I know you’ll love it!

~ Erin

P.S. – Note: If you’re having trouble using any of the new Gmail features I’ve been telling you about, you may need to update your browser. New features, such as the group chat, emoticons and colored labels, only work with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. So, if you haven’t done so already, just upgrade your browser and you too can get in on all the new Gmail fun!