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Colorful Title Bars

Would you like to make your window title bars (the area on a window that has the min, max, & close buttons on it) different colors? Try this:

1. Right-click your desktop and select Properties (In Vista it’s called “Personalize”)

2. Your display settings should pop up. Select the Appearance tab (Windows Color and Appearance in Vista).

3. Hit the “Advanced” button.

4. Click the drop down box labeled ” Item “.

5. Select ” Active Title Bar ” from the list.

6. To the right of that drop down box, you should see two additional drop down boxes labeled ” Color ” and ” Color2

7. The first Color box is the first color on your title bar. The second is the color that the first fades into. Set them how ever you like, you can preview the results in the little preview window above the settings. Here’s what it looks like:


You can see there are a bunch of other color tweaking settings there as well, so you can easily give your computer that custom feel. Have fun!

~ Steve