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Colors By Name

I’ve been brushing up on my web design skills because the graduate¬†assistantship I was selected for will require me to do some web updating for the journal’s web page, and maybe some database building. So I was browsing around and checking out CSS and found this handy color table.

If you’re into web design and use CSS this is an awesome page to bookmark. When I built web pages, I found people could describe a color by name but weren’t sure of the exact color they wanted, or its respective value. Now with this table you can check out the named colors in alphabetical order as an easy point of reference. It provides a swatch of the color, the color name, and it’s HTML RGB Value.

And while I’m bringing you this table, I’d like to point out the tree menu on the left side of the page. Color will automatically be open because we’re looking at the Color By Name Table, but you can also check out the Colors By Hue, Colors By Lightness, Colors By Saturation, and User Defined System Colors.¬†And clicking Color on that menu will take you to an explanation of the different notations and terms.

I think this is a handy, and bookmarkable resource for easy color referencing! Check it out today!

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa358802(VS.85).aspx [1]