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Combine Cell Data in Excel

When we choose to store text data in MS Excel it’s very common that we will create a column for each piece… such as First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial… you get the idea.

Unfortunately, there’s also times when we look back upon our choice to keep the information separate and regret it. In this form the data just isn’t as useful as we thought it would when we first set it all up.

Wishing the decision could be changed without a lot of work?

Or, maybe you find that you do need them separate but also together… now what?

Well, I suppose that you could re-enter the data into a single cell so that you have it both ways… but I never recommend extra work and that would be a lot of extra work!

Since we’re working in Excel you’ve got to be wondering if there isn’t a formula that can be used to combine it for you.

It’s a good thought and fortunately for all of us, there is one.

The basic setup of the formula looks like this:

=cell address&” “&cell address&” “&cell address

The spaces between the quotations will be placed between the cell contents and as you can create a formula that combines more than three cells… just keep going with the pattern to combine them to your heart’s content.

Here’s an example:

In the first column I have 4 words that I would like combined into a single sentence.


As you can see I have a formula designed to combine them (which I duplicated below to show you the result).

And that’s all there is to it. A few &’s, quotes and cell addresses and you’ve got yourself data combined without a lot of invested time.

~ April