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Combining Adobe PDFs

Combining Adobe PDFs

In business and personal computing, we are always trying to figure out shortcuts to make our work easier and more efficient. For example, instead of subjecting yourself to the horrors of retyping something in a word processor, we simply cut and paste the information we want from a document and edit it in our new document. Another way to improve efficiency and make your job a whole lot easier is to learn how to combine single Adobe PDFs into one document. This will clear up needed hard drive space and it brings similar documents together into one unifying body. You’ll find that this tip will make it easier to bring reports, charts and other documents common to the PDF process together. Want to learn more? Then keep reading!

The first step in combining PDFs is to find the particular files you want to combine. They are usually in the My Documents folder or on your desktop. For the purposes of this tip, it is best to left click on the individual files and drag them from their regular folder to your desktop (the first screen you see on your computer). This makes it a whole lot easier to bring your PDF documents together as one.

Once your PDFs are on your desktop, left click somewhere near the documents you want to combine, without actually clicking on their icons. This will allow you to drag your select option over several items at once. Once you have selected the files you want to include in your combined PDF, place your mouse arrow over the selected area and right click. A menu will come up next to your arrow and one of the options will be “Combine in Adobe Acrobat.” Select this option by left clicking on it and wait for Adobe Acrobat to load on the next screen.

The next screen will offer the opportunity to arrange your individual PDFs in the order in which they should appear in the combined document. Left click on a document and drag it up or down the list in order to change the order of your documents. The top document will appear first, the second document second and so forth. Once you have clicked and dragged the documents into their correct order, click on the OK button in the lower right hand corner.

Wait patiently for the document to combine in Adobe Acrobat and the next step will be to save the document in its combined form. Use an easy to remember name for your newly combined PDF. Perhaps, a clever combination of the individual file names or a file name that fits in with your folder organization scheme. After naming the document, investigate your beautiful new PDF.

One tip I would offer at this point is to reduce the file size of the PDF, as there may be some residual extra data that may be hanging around from the transfer. Go to your toolbar and select File and under that, choose Reduce File Size. The file reduction has no influence on the clarity of your document, nor does it delete anything from the text. It merely eliminates excess bytes and saves you some hard drive space in the long run. If you don’t believe me, check your document again. It should still have all of its parts and if for some reason it did corrupt your combined file, you still have the individual files to create a new PDF.

From there, you will be able to access this combined document any time and you can feel free to delete the individual PDFs by right clicking on the individual files and selecting Delete from the available menu.

There you have it! A handy tip to making your documents more space friendly and easier to access!

~ Nick Katers