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Come On, Give Me a Break!

Give Me a Break!

Have you ever had a bulleted or numbered list in either MS Word or MS PowerPoint that really needed a blank line half way through it? You know, maybe for a visual break.

Maybe your list contains subsets and it would just make more sense if there was a break in the flow.

Maybe something like this:

Or, maybe this:

1. Item A
2. Item B
3. Item C

4. Item D
5. Item E

What did you do to create the break?

Did you turn the bullets or numbering off, make the blank line and then go back and turn them on again?

Or, if it’s a numbered list, did you go through the headache of making the numbers continuous?

I know, what a pain!

I couldn’t agree more.

Well, guess what!

What? (Thanks for playing along there).

There’s a faster way!

Yep, you read it right. A much faster way.

All you need is an extra key. Yes, the Shift key to be exact.

Here’s the scoop:

It’s that easy!

It’s way faster than all the hoops you jump through to turn this stuff on, off, on, off again, etc.

Give it a try. It’s as easy as pie!

~ April