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Comments Anyone?

Comments Anyone?

Instead of several emails with ideas, you’re looking to get back the presentation with everyone’s comments right on the slides. So, you email it to one person and as they finish their ideas it goes to the next person then eventually lands back in your mailbox.

Makes sense, but where are the ideas?

Well, in the file, of course.

Now all you need is the “know how” for inserting comments.


Good. Then let’s get started.

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, the first thing to do is open the presentation.

Next we need to open the Comment toolbar. You can either use the Insert menu, Comment choice – or – Alt then I then M.

The Comment toolbar will open.

To insert a comment you’re looking for this button:


Click it once and a little yellow sticky note will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the slide.


You may have noticed that your name is inserted automatically in the note—this allows several people to create notes and you can tell who each one is from!

To change the name you need to go to the Tools menu, Options choice. On the General tab you’re looking for the User Information section.


Make changes to the name and initials as necessary and click OK.

Anyway, back to the Comments.

Next you would type your ideas into the comment.

When you’re done you can drag the comment around the slide to position it elsewhere—if necessary.

So, the first person completes their ideas, saves the file and passes it on to the next person. They add their comments and along it goes.

Eventually, you get the file back and you can see what each person thought, exactly where they thought it.

When you’re ready to remove a comment simply select it and hit the Delete key. (You could also use the Backspace key, Ctrl + X or right click and choose Cut from the pop-up menu.)

Look at that—a meeting of the minds without the time-consuming meeting!

~ April