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COMODO Antivirus Free Part 1: Installation and Initial Setup

“Your computer has a virus.” Such words are usually followed by visions of an ungainly teenager passing around your stolen credit card and social security numbers across any number of illicit websites, while a sad voice asks “how could this happen to ME?” If you have never experienced this distinct type of anguish, be glad. But if you still wander around the internet on a computer that has no up to date antivirus protection installed, be prepared. Prepare yourself for sadness and regret, or prepare your computer to withstand, quarantine, and eliminate any such potential threat before you even know it exists. Prepare yourself with a good antivirus program! While many will argue the virtues of such “pay to protect” antivirus programs like Norton, McAfee, and Kaspersky, there are a few viable solutions available from reputable companies looking to secure your computer at no cost. One such solution: COMODO Antivirus.

Get your copy of COMODO Antivirus Free installed by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Visit COMODO.com [1] and click on the “Free Products” link on the main page. The product selection page will appear.


Step 2. Scroll down to the “Home & Home Office Solutions” category, find the COMODO Antivirus product, and click on the “More Info” or “Free Download” links below the description. You will be taken to the “Download COMODO Antivirus” page.


Step 3. Choose your operating system version from the “Download the latest version here:” drop box selection, and click the big red “Download” button.


Step 4. When prompted by your browser, click “Run” so star the installation automatically, or find the downloaded “cav_installer” file and double click it to begin installation.


Once installation has begun, you will be prompted to confirm the following options:

Step 5. “Select the language” – Select the language you wish to have the program displayed in, and click “OK”


Step 6. “End User License Agreement” – Read (and/or print) the EULA and click “I Agree”


Step 7. “Free Registration” – If you would like to receive e-mail from COMODO, enter your e-mail address here and click “Next >.” If not, simply click “Next >”


Step 8. “Select the products you would like to install” – COMODO currently gives you the option of installing COMODO Antivirus and a 60 day trial of COMODO GeekBuddy. As we wish to install only COMODO Antivirus at this time, keep “Install COMODO Antivirus” checked, and uncheck the box next to “Install COMODO GeekBuddy.” Click “Next >”


(Note: If you already have an antivirus program installed on your computer, including any number of outdated “free trial” antivirus programs typically installed by computer manufacturers, you may be prompted to uninstall the old program before continuing installation of COMODO Antivirus. Method for uninstalling your old antivirus program will vary, but a good place to start is by clicking on the Start menu, finding your old antivirus program folder under the All Programs sub menu, and clicking the “Uninstall” icon if available, or by uninstalling the program in the “Start” menu, “Control Panel” interface.)



Step 9. “Destination Folder” – Here you will have the option of installing COMODO Antivirus in a location of your choosing. It is best to leave this location at it’s default (in this case “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\”) if the need to trouble shoot your installation arises. When ready, Click “Next”


Step 10. “COMODO SecureDNS Configuration” – COMODO SecureDNS is a service which essentially filters internet requests going to and coming from your computer for further protection against threats such as malicious websites and DNS cache poisoning. While this extra security is a wonderful option to have, the way in which it works may present some internet connectivity issues. As such it is recommended to keep this option off (unless you are capable of handling connectivity issues arising from the use of an additional DNS.)


To continue installation with SecureDNS off, select “I do not want to use COMODO SecureDNS Servers.” and click “Next”

Step 11. “Ready to install COMODO Antivirus” – Click the “Install” button to continue your COMODO Antivirus installation.


Step 12. Once installation has finished, click the “Finish” button to start COMODO Antivirus.


Once COMODO Antivirus starts, you will be presented with the COMODO Antivirus Control Panel. To the left side you will notice a big yellow shield alert asking to restart your computer. Click the “Fix it” button underneath the alert to fully finalize installation of COMODO Antivirus.


Step 13. After your computer restarts, you will see that a small red shield icon with a “C” on it has been added to your system tray. Click it to open the COMODO Antivirus Control Panel. The alert box which prompted you to restart your computer will now prompt you to update your COMODO Antivirus virus database. Click “Update now” to do so.


Once the COMODO Antivirus virus database has been successfully updated, your computer will be well protected from the various virus threats which are so abundant in this day and age.


For those who wish to further enhance and understand their COMODO Antivirus protection abilities and options, check out Part 2 of our guide: COMODO Antivirus Free Part 2: Alerts and Additional Options. It’s coming soon!

~J. Conboy