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Complete Closure in Outlook

Complete Closure in Outlook

Do you know about the wonderful world of the F4 key? If anything at all, you probably at least already have knowledge of these two little tidbits:

I bet some of you have tried Ctrl + F4 in MS Outlook with an e-mail or appointment you had open, but got nowhere, right? Or, at least not where you hoped to be.

Did you figure you were just plain out of luck on that account?

I’m sure some of you did, but I’ve got some great news for you today!

In MS Outlook, it takes an Alt + F4 to close a currently open item.

It doesn’t close the whole program, but it closes the message, calendar item, note, task or contact that is currently open.

Hit Alt + F4 again and Outlook will close completely.

So, remember, if you’ve got an item currently open in Outlook, it takes Alt + F4 twice to get complete closure!

~ April