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Compose your own Ringtones

Did you know that you can compose your own ringtones to be played on your cell phone? Any music or audio file can be made into a ringtone and edited to fade out, echo, or have other effects added to them. You can have the ringtones sent directly to your cell phone, computer, email address, sms inbox or cell phone email address. There is no limit to how many ringtones you can compose, it’s free and you don’t have to download any software to do it!

Go to http://www.makeownringtone.com/ click the Upload button and find a music file you would like to be your ringtone. You may have to trim the file down in order for it to fit within your phone’s ringtone constraints.


Adjusting Ringtone

Drag the mouse pointer across the gray area to select the section you would like to keep, then press the “Selected” button to hear the section.

Adjust the volume for how loud you would like the volume of the ringtone to be. Move the green bar up to increase the volume and down is to decrease the volume.


There are seven formats that can be converted into a ringtone to fit your phones’ format.

Choose a bit rate and a method where you want the ringtone to be delivered after you have finished composing it.


Delivery Method

If you want it to be delivered via email, click the first button and enter your email address into the “your email” text box.

You can also use the “SMS Mail” choice. Enter your cell phone number in the phone number text box and choose the phone carrier of your service on the right hand side drop down box.


If your phone carrier is not listed, choose ” SMS via E-Mail [not listed carrier]” and type your cell phone number and phone carrier data in to the box.


Adding Effects

These are the most common and exciting effects that are used, but there are more to choose from. Check the box to use any of these effects you prefer.

Normalize Effect – is for normal audio

Reverse Effect – reverses the whole track.

Speed Effect – Speeds up the track

Echo Effect – have the track continue to echo or repeat
itself in a faded, loud or low way.


Fade Effect – Fades the music at the beginning, ending or both. Check the beginning and end boxes and enter a number of seconds you would like it to last.


Bass – is how deep or low the audio would be.


Now, when you are done with the effects it is time to make the ringtone click the “Make A Ringtone button” or if you mess up press “Reset” to start over.


Note: Some phone carriers do not allow their customers to upload ringtones to their cell phone. If you get an error message you may be with a phone carrier who doesn’t allow this!

Now all you have to do is wait and receive the ringtone. Depending on the method you used to compose and send the ringtone you will get a message letting you know if the ringtone has been sent!


~Tweety Dimes