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Computer Batteries

Computer Batteries

After mentioning the three categories of computer batteries that are used, I thought you all might like to know the different names of some of them that you might be using for your PC. Interested? Then come along with me! Today I’m going to talk about the LI-ION, NICAD, LI-POLYMER, NIMH and SLA battery types.

First, the LI-ION stands for Lithium Ion. This type of battery is used mostly when a very high energy density is needed. They require a protector circuit to go along with them and they’re pretty costly. Next, NICAD is short for Nickel Cadmium. NICAD batteries are the most well known in the computer world. They are used when a long life and a high discharge rate are needed. They come at a reasonable price as well.

Following that is the NIMH battery, which stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. These come with a few improvements over the NICAD battery, such as reduced cycle life and a lower load current. Next is the SLA battery. It means Sealed Lead Acid. These are used when a larger power is needed. They are also heavy in weight. Last is the LI-POLYMER battery, which is short for Lithium Polymer. These are a lower cost version of the LI-ION battery, but they have not yet been released to the public because of under development.

So, there you have it. Now you can go and find out which battery type your computer uses!

~ Erin