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Computer Freedom

Computer Freedom

Yep, you read that right. This tip will show you how you can eventually carry your laptop in your pocket. How cool is that? Let’s check it out!

First of all, let me ask you all a question: Why would you carry a laptop when an iPod will suffice? Unless you need it throughout your journey, why not leave your laptop at home the next time you’re traveling? Instead, carry everything you need from your laptop, such as software applications, personal settings, files, preferences, etc. in your pocket. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Keep reading to learn all about it!

A company called MojoPac has a piece of software that allows you to virtually transport your desktop environment onto any USB device, such as an iPod, a cell phone, a portable drive or even a USB stick (flash drive). You can then plug the device into any Windows computer (for example, in another office, in a cybercafé or in your hotel room) and work on it as if it were your own PC. You don’t even need to load any personal software onto the host computer. Then when you unplug the device, there will be no trace of you ever using that computer. You can then go back and sync to your laptop again and everything gets updated, just as if your computer was always with you.

Incidentally, MojoPac Freedom is the world’s first and only free desktop virtualization software. Awesome!

How It Works

The MojoPac software captures everything that is important to users on their PCs, such as software applications, configurations, settings and data files. It also stores all of that on a USB storage device. By plugging that USB storage device into any Windows computer, users can transform the host PC into a customized personal computer. MojoPac is truly a plug and play operation, as it does not require any specialized software to be installed on the host computer. The user can install any language pack on a MojoPac device and use that language interface on any PC as well. It’s completely universal!

MojoPac allows students, PC gamers, road warriors and other PC users to capture their personal computing desktop and replicate it within a MojoPac image. As a result, gamers can take their games with them, travelers can carry their personal applications, settings and information by their side and they can then transform any other PC into their own personal computer. By mirroring their digital mojo on handy storage devices, such as iPods, USB flash memory sticks and Smartphones, MojoPackers lighten their digital loads, ensure privacy, productivity and they increase the value and usability of public and orphan computers.

Price and Availability

The MojoPack Freedom version is available at no cost and it gives you pretty much everything you would need. On the other hand, the original MojoPac product is still available as a paid deluxe product that continues to gain functionality. MojoPac Deluxe is available as an upgrade for new users of MojoPac Freedom who want additional features, such as enhanced privacy, advanced technical support and other features as they become available. You can download either version at www.mojopac.com.

Who knew it could be so easy to take your computer on the go with you? Hope you enjoy this one!

~ Zahid H. Javali