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Concept Photography

Advertise a feeling or convey a message through the art of concept photography. Go a step further than just clicking a button by exploring what you would like your picture to give away. Go deeper into analyzing your message. This message, conveyed through your picture, will tell its tale to your audiences. Target a particular age group or people involved in similar emotions. Be sure to choose a subject that only makes your job easier. For example, you may choose a recently erupted volcano to show the damage anger can cause, or possibly a broken windshield like the one below.

CC image courtesy wwwuppertal

Concept photography involves much thinking. Each can be explained in the context of one’s country and its independence. Here is how you go about it…

A) Emotion: Will your picture capture a country in turmoil under rule, or a young country joyous of its independence?

CC image courtesy Bianks

B) Aspect of emotion: What is the nature of this dependence or independence? Political, social, military, educational?

C) Audience: Are you catering to a military audience, aged 60+, or trying to rekindle patriotism among college goers?

CC image courtesy Ragesh Vasudevan

D) Connect: Once you’ve decided on your audience, what is the best possible way to connect with that age group? Use emotionally stimulating imagery for older folks and try and tone your imagery down to more information for younger ones.

E) Camera angle, type of lighting, colour, venue, depth, and motion. All these play a part in manipulating your photograph.

CC image courtesy Ali Brohi

Use these points to analyze concept shots with the theme: love.

Consider a shot at the beach. An evening when the tides are high and the sand carries a description of a broken heart that occupies 2/3rds of the frame. A girl walks into the blue, away from land. The scene gives away a dominant broken heart, a lonely girl walking away with her sadness. This tends to cater to an audience of young girls who have similarly lost their true love. Attention is equally divided between the girl and her broken heart engraved in the sand since the shot is taken from the ground.

So, whatever your concept, if you analyse and understand it, you’ll have the perfect subject. T.H.I.N.K.

CC image courtesy Rexquisite

~Zahid Javali