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Condor Watch

The California Condor is a critically endangered species with only around 200 members living in the wild. In the 1980s, that number was tragically lower, a mere 22 California Condors at the time. While today that number is higher, the California Condor is still in danger because they can get lead poisoning from the carcasses they eat due to bullet shells that remain lodged in them. 

So what are they doing about it? And how can you help?  Both are excellent questions!  They’ve setup camera traps to monitor the eating behavior of the condors to see if they can detect early warnings of them suffering from lead poisoning.  You can help by looking at the photos and and noting the wing tags, and other pertinent information. 

So to get started you’ll need to check out the Field Guide. This provides you very helpful information on what you might see in the photos because they want you to identify as many of the birds or animals in the photo as possible.  They show you images of condors, turkey vultures, ravens, golden eagles, coyotes, and carcass/scale. All of which you are asked to identify in the classify section.

After checking that out go to Classify. This will walk you step by step through the process with a tutorial. Be sure to mark every bird and animal, as well as the carcass for scale. You’ll also be asked for the condors if it looks like an adult or juvenile. 

This is a great an easy way to help an endangered species from the convenience of your home and it doesn’t cost you anything but your time! 

Check it out and help identify these condors today! 

http://ww [1]w.condorwatch.org/ [1]