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Conserve Your LCD Monitor’s Lifespan

Conserve your LCD Monitor’s Lifespan

Like all electronics, LCD monitors have a lifespan. Usually, this can be up to ten years or so, but even after only a couple of years our monitors can begin to dim; giving us a dark, eye-straining image that can make it difficult to get anything accomplished! You can tweak the brightness, fiddle with the contrast, but the damage has already been done. Your backlight is dying and you need to start shopping for a new monitor.


But wait! Say the monitor you’re using still looks good at the moment. Is there any way to prolong the life of your LCD?

Why, yes, folks, there is! It’s really easy, too! Notice the row of buttons on the front or side of your monitor? That’s the adjustment panel. Here, you can set your monitor’s brightness, contrast, horizontal and vertical positioning and a bunch of other settings to make your viewing experience better!

For now, all we’re concerned with is the brightness and contrast. To make sure the backlight in your monitor lives as long as possible, turn both of these down a bit; just to tolerable levels. This takes the strain off of your monitor’s backlight and will ensure that your investment sticks around for awhile!

As an added bonus: Here’s a neat site that has all sorts of tests and explanations to keep your LCD monitor looking good and performing up to spec: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/

Keep it alive!