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Console to Closet

Console to Closet is one of my new favorite fashion sites.  What you’ll find are outfits that are put together inspired by video games.

Using Polyvore [1], the site’s author, Amanda McGinnis, puts together outfits that are inspired by video games, or characters within the video games. I have to say she does a fantastic job!

Because the site is setup on Tumblr, you’ll get your basic blog style experience. That newest outfit is at the top of the page and then beneath that you can scroll through what came before.  The site also offers a few awesome filters. If you want to look only at Girl or Guy outfits, you can do so by clicking the option on the right side of the page.

Each entry features a complete outfit, a description of what it is inspired by, as well as a reference link. I love the reference link because if you are unfamiliar with the inspiration, you can take a peak and then come back and compare the outfit to it.

Want to learn more about McGinnis and how the site got started? Then be sure to check out the About link also on the right side of the page. You can also submit suggestions for inspiration or request that she feature an outfit based on your favorite character by clicking Submit. Wanna shake up your visit and see the outfits randomly? You totally can do that by clicking Random.

I love this combination! I feel like fashion + video games = an awesome site! Check it out today!

http://consoletocloset.com/ [2]