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Continuing Your Backup

Sylvia from NY, NY writes  “I used a 512 MB flash drive awhile ago to back up my computer. Since then, there is more to back up so how do I know how full that flashdrive is and how does it know to start backing up from where it left off before? I’m an 83 yr old lady and not too technical. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks.”

Hi, Sylvia.

First off, congratulations on even knowing terms like “flash drive” and “backup”.  So many people that I know who are my age or older (I’m pushing 50 up the hill) use their age as an excuse not to be technologically literate.  I have to tell you that you are MUCH more technical than a lot of other people your age.  The great Douglas Adams, technophile, humorist and environmentalist once said “Anything invented before you’re born is a part of nature.  Anything invented between the time that you’re born and the time that you’re thirty is an amazing technological advancement and you’ll probably have a career in it.  Anything invented after you’re thirty is obviously the work of the devil.”  Bravo to you for not using your age as an excuse to fall into that trap.

On to your question.

For the first part, how do you know if your flash drive is full, is fairly easy.  The hard way… the way that you DON’T want to find out if your hard drive is full, is that you get an error that looks something like this:

The easy way is to look at your drive.  In order to do this, you first click your START icon, and then COMPUTER.

Locate your flash drive (in this example, mine is “G”).  Underneath the drive, it will show you how large your drive is, and how much space you have available on it.

As far as the second part of your question goes, as far as I know (important disclaimer) a backup never picks up where it left off and simply adds the new information.  Instead, it simply backs up all of the information in your chosen drives.  This is really what you want anyway, since that will insure that any changes that you’ve made to any files will be backed up.

I hope that this helps!

~ Randal Schaffer