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Control Panel in IE

Control Panel in IE

Did you know that it’s possible to open the Control Panel while you’re using Internet Explorer? Well, we all know that Internet Explorer in Windows is used to access Web pages, but apart from that, we can access the Control Panel when using IE as well. Cool, huh?!

Okay, so let’s see how we are going to do this. In the address bar, where you normally type a Web address, type in the following: Control Panel\name of a Control Panel item.

The “name of a Control Panel item” stands for any item you can use from the actual Control Panel itself. For example, Add or Remove Programs, Accessibility Options, etc.

Look above at the screenshots for an example. I opened Internet Explorer, typed in Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and look what happened! The Add or Remove Programs window popped right open. Try it for yourself. You’ll be amazed!

~ M. Nagarajan