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Control the Scroll

Control the Scroll

Do you use your mouse and MS Excel’s scroll bars a lot?

If so, are you tired of dragging the scroll bar, just trying to get a small movement, only to find that you’ve zoomed right by your intended location?

If that applies to you, then boy, do I have some good news! There’s more to controlling the scroll bar than just what appears to be random movement.

Here’s the scoop.

For either the horizontal or vertical scroll bar, click a scroll arrow (at the end of the scroll bar) to move one row or column.

To move one window up or down one screen height or width, just click outside the scroll box on the scroll bar. Movement will happen based on where you clicked. If you click below the scroll box on the vertical scroll bar, the window will shift down. If you click to the right of the scroll box on the horizontal scroll bar, it will shift right.

Now, for the big moves, you still need to click-hold-and-drag the scroll box in your desired direction. But, it’s good to know that control of the smaller movements is a breeze when you know where to click!

~ April