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Controlling Displayed Days in Outlook’s Calendar

Controlling Displayed Days in Outlook’s Calendar

Here’s the scenario: You’re working in MS Outlook, setting up your calendar appointments and you’re getting pretty tired of the day-by-day display. So, what do you do? Well, you probably go to the View menu and choose one of the other view options.

Those are some pretty good choices, but what if you need to work ahead a week and a half or maybe even just two days? You know, a time frame that’s not covered in the preset choices.

Is there any way to display what you need? No more, no less.

Well, yes, of course there is!

In the upper right corner of the Calendar view, you should see a couple of small monthly calendars (the ones we used in the Office tip yesterday).

Simply take your mouse and highlight the exact dates you want to see displayed.


The center of the screen changes to meet your needs!

MS Outlook will display your request in as much detail as possible. (Obviously, the more days you choose, the less detail it can display, but you can easily get a detailed schedule displayed for quite a few days).

I did find that, at times, Outlook was trying to highlight too many days (for instance, a whole week at a time) when I crossed between weeks. So, after playing around with the situation, I found that I could use the Shift key to highlight. That is, I clicked on the first date in the calendar, held down the Shift key and clicked on the last date.

Better yet, while I was testing things, I found that the Ctrl key works here as well. I could display, side by side, the schedules of non-consecutive days using the Ctrl key trick. (Click on the first date, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the other needed dates).

A highlight like this on the calendar…

…gives this on the detail list.

Cool, huh? That’s truly one customized view of your schedule!

~ April