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Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit [1]

This is a great tool to add to your bookmarks. You never know when you might need to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit. It comes up at the oddest times in my life.

This site not only offers you a tool to calculate the conversion, but also provides you the formula to do it by hand on your own.

Do you need to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius? Well never fear, you can do that here too! Just scroll down the page to get to the calculator. This section also offers you the formula to learn to do it by hand too!

Another fun part of the site is further down the page, you can see all the different ways they’ve logged how Fahrenheit and Celsius have been misspelled. I was amazed how many they had!

http://www.celsius-to-fahrenheit.com/index.php [1]