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Converting Internet Images To Jpeg

Tom from CA asks: 

When saving a picture, Windows always calls it a bitmap. How can I change it so it saves as a jpeg?

The real question here isn’t how your computer is SAVING the picture, rather in what format the picture was UPLOADED.

Many times, website creators will use .bmp rather than .jpg or .jpeg, simply because the quality of the picture is higher. A bitmap (.bmp) is an uncompressed photo, whereas a jpeg is a compressed format, which means some quality sacrifice. It may not be obvious to the naked eye, but it IS there.

Your best bet is to save a picture like this in its original format and then use a photo editing program to save it in whatever your preferred format is. I like jpeg because, although it takes up less space than .bmp, it is still a good quality image.

Here’s a .bmp of a mandrill that I found through Google images.


My options for saving this are .bmp or “all files”. The latter isn’t recommended, because you are not specifically defining an extension.

Once you’ve saved the image, open it in your photo editor. In this example, I’m using Paint, because I know that everyone has Paint.

When you open the image, it will look like this.

You can use the tools at the left of the image to tweak or modify the picture however you want. Above the image you can see your color palette. Now you simply click “file” and then “save as” to choose your format of choice.

Another way to save a picture is to use screen capture. To do this, make sure that your image looks the way that you will want to save it (no pointers over the picture, etc.,) and then, while holding down the “ctrl” key, press “print screen/sysrq” on your keyboard. This will save the entire contents of your screen as an image on your computer’s clipboard.

Open Paint, and click “edit” and then “paste” to import the image. Use the “select” function (the box at the upper left of your toolbar) to frame the section of the image that you want to save.

Click “image” and then “crop” to get rid of any extraneous information, and then use “save as” to save your new and improved image.

Hope this helps.

Randal Schaffer