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Cooking for Engineers

Welcome to Cooking for Engineers! I adore this site! What you are going to find is an amazing assortment of recipes, cooking tests, and general foodie information.

I discovered this site because I was looking for the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip recipe – I had used half the chips for some brownies and threw away the original packaging – and this site came up in my search results because it had the recipe as well as experimentation with the recipe. You can find that here [1]. The author of the site, Michael Chu, tested how the flour affects the recipe. I hadn’t even checked out the Cooking Tests section, and I was hooked!

Navigation is easy! You can use the menu at the top of the page and check out the following sections:

Books – here you’ll find interesting cookbook reviews.

Cooking Test – here you will find awesome experiments in cooking! If you like bacon, you have to check out the bacon tests!

Dining Out – here you’ll find restaurant reviews.

Equipment and Gear – this section is devoted to explaining what different pieces of equipment do, what your options are as a cook in using them – for example, what kind of cutting board to use or what is the difference in the materials that cutting boards are made out of?

Kitchen Notes – this section is like a cooking encyclopedia. Here you will find cooking terms defined and explained.

Off Topic – here you will find information that that is off topic, or only loosely related to the cooking information on the site. I liked this section and the different topics it covered. I especially liked the Iron Chef America topic (one of my favorite TV shows) where Michael talks about how he got hooked on Iron Chef!

Recipe File – this is probably the section that you are looking forward to the most. Check out the recipes showcased here!

Sous Vide – if you watch any competition cooking television (Iron Chef America, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, etc.) you have probably noticed at some point or another a chef cooks something Sous Vide. Well, what is Sous Vide? And how can you set up your own Sous Vide setup at home? Check out this section to find out!

Test Recipes – here you’ll find a collection of recipes that Michael has tested out in his kitchen What I love about this section is that not only are the recipes educational, but the comments on the recipes are usually just as in depth as the test recipe itself. I love a good discussion. I think I’m going to try out the marshmallow recipe from this section.

And that’s the just the tip of the iceberg on this site, so make sure you check out the featured sections on the main page and whatever else might take your fancy!

http://www.cookingforengineers.com/ [2]

~ Amanda