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Cool Keyboard Docks for iOS Devices

Extending your keyboard’s useability was never so easy – until now.

If you have an iOS device (4.2 or later) and you are a music lover, Gear4′s PocketLoops Portable Music Creation Studio is great news. Not only can you create your own songs and be your own producer, but you can also share it with your friends in a jiffy. Pray how? It integrates your iPod and iPhone to a keyboard through the PocketLoops app. The result? You can remix tunes with drums, bass and melodies; add cool effects like echo and chorus; record in one or four bar loops; choose between seven drum kits; add up to four instruments per song, and more. Weighing just 32 grams, it costs $125.

…A Cheaper alternative

If Gear 4’s is expensive, there’s a cheaper alternative, too. If you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a netbook, then the Omnio Wow-Keys is just the thing for you. You can dock your apple device on the right of the keyboard and get started. Not only will it be charged and synced to your PC’s iTunes, but also help you key in faster. With 12 dedicated hot keys, you can control your Apple device and continue with your work on the PC. The keyboard keys resemble that of a laptop’s and make typing smoother if you are traveling or taking notes in class. Ingenious, indeed. The keyboard costs $67.

~Zahid H Javali