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Cool Site: Drug Identifier

Drug Identifier

**Special disclaimer. Worldstart takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for your use of the information on the linked site. This site review is not meant to replace the advice of a physician.**

I have a bottle on my medicine shelf that is just full of random little pills. I have no idea what some of them are. While I was sick I decided to check the bottle of random pills hoping for some cold medicine. I could identify some of the pills in the bottle. Tiny, pink, round pills were antacids. The tiny, brighter pink, oblong pills were generic allergy medicine, and there were still several different kinds of pills that I had no clue as to what they were.

I wondered if there was some help online and found the site dedicated to identifying them!

To use this you need a pill that you don’t know what it is. I have a white, oblong pill, with M357 on it. So for Shape I scrolled down to oblong, for Color I scrolled down to white, and for Markings I scrolled all the way down to M357. Then I clicked on the Find Drugs button. My unidentified pill was Acetaminophen Hydrocodone. Otherwise known as Loratab, a painkiller, probably left over from my roommate’s dental surgery. This was definitely not going to help my cough.

The site shows the information on the drug you looked up in a table. The table has the categories Image, Name, Strength, Form, and Drug Info. The image shows me the very same pill that I have in my hand. The name area tells me it is Acetaminophen Hydrocodone. The strength area shows me that it comes in 500, 5mg, and another amount that didn’t fit in the chart. The form tells me it is in Tab form. And the Drug Info area has a link to get more information on the pill. I click View, and it loads another page full of drug info similar to the print out you get from a pharmacist.

In my search through my random pills I did find a little red, round pill with the markings C C+C in a triangular pattern on them. This pill was Coricidin HBP, a cold and cough medicine that I could take. YAY!

So let us review. You have a pill you can’t identify. You put in its shape, color, and markings and click Find Drugs. This brings up the name and dosage of your pill and other information you need.

This easy-to-use identifier definitely makes my favorites list.


~ Amanda