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Cool Site: Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise, Sunset

Do you depend on the time that the sun rises or sets? Well get yourself a Sunrise, Sunset calendar specifically for where you live, or where you are going to be. This is great for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, truck drivers, star gazers, and many more. Plus, it’s just plain neat.

Start by choosing your City, Month, and Year. Example: Toledo, October, 2005.

My US City wasn’t listed so I clicked on the this link [1] to get a comprehensive list of cities in the 50 states.”

This allows you to choose a state. I chose Ohio, and it was easy to find Toledo in the drop down list.

Now you have to choose what times you want to have displayed. You can choose from Civic Twilight, Nautical Twilight, and Astronomical Twilight. Click the the definitions link next to the Display Twilight Times title to find out what they mean.

I chose to view all three on my calendar. Well, just because I could. Now you need to decide whether you want to include the Moon Phases, as well as the Moon Rise and Set Times. I included them.

Decide whether you want to view your calendar in AM/PM or in the 24-hour style. I chose AM/PM first, and then I went back to try the 24-hour after that just to see the difference. (The difference is the 24-hour is based off the military way of telling time. 20:40 etc.)

There is a tip to help you print out your calendar with greater ease. Then just click submit.

My listing for October first looked like this:


Twi A: 5:58am
Twi N: 6:30am
Twi: 7:03am
Sun Rise: 7:30am
Sun Set: 7:17pm
Twi: 7:45pm
Twi N: 8:17pm
Twi A: 8:49pm
Moon Rise: 5:35am
Moon Set: 6:43pm


Twi A: 5:58
Twi N: 6:30
Twi: 7:03
Sun Rise: 7:30
Sun Set: 19:17
Twi: 19:45
Twi N: 20:17
Twi A: 20:49
Moon Rise: 5:35
Moon Set: 18:43

You can also input your own location, but to do so you must agree that you already understand certain basic terms and have certain knowledge about your location before getting started. I didn’t have some of this information so I took them seriously and didn’t try it out. Still, pretty cool.


~ Amanda