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Cool Windows Mobile Apps – Part 1

Agreed, the Apples and Androids have cornered the app world, but the Windows Marketplace is catching up with over 60,000 apps up for sampling. 

These apps range from games and productivity to social networking, communication, and music & video, among others. Without further ado, we will pick a few of the most useful apps in a three-part series. 

1. CleanRAM [1]: To stop your phone from slowing down due to memory issues, just run this app – there are four levels (Basic purge, Quality purge, Fundamental purge & custom purge). It will clean up the RAM and give you the much needed memory to stop your phone from slowing down. You can also schedule the clean-up by day or date.

2. SmartLyrics [2]: Thanks to lyricsplugin.com, this developer has made an app that gets you the lyrics of the song you are playing on your windows phone. Once you register, you are good to go.

3. Wolf’s Translator [3]: Make the most of the Google Translate engine with this nifty app. It’s the power of the web, where you can input any text and the app will detect the language of the source text. And that can range from Slovak or Latvian to Hindi, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, French, Arabic or Chinese.

4. Microfi Nitrogen [4]: Irritated by using a stylus, even for the most mundane things like for your music player? Then, this one right up your alley. It plays most music formats, including MP3/OGG/AAC/MP4/M4A/3GP/WAV/WMA. With a file browser, 10-band equalizer and sleep mode, you can build and edit your playlist to play all day and night.

5. Opera Mobile [5]: Want to load web pages and applications faster? Speed up slow Internet connections? Add more extensions to your built-in browser? Then Opera Mobile is your best bet. It acts and works just like the browser you have on your computer. There are bookmarks which you can sync with your other phones. You can save a link and read it later. You can increase or decrease the font size for better readability. You can use tabs to shuffle between web pages. And you can save on data transfers as Opera compresses data by up to 80%. Neat!


~ Zahid H Javali