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Cool Windows Mobile Apps – Part 2

In our continuation of this three-part series, here are another set of five cool apps for Windows-toting phones. Where the price isn’t mentioned, take it to mean that the app is free. Happy app-ing!

6. Shopping Cart [1]: It’s your very own virtual shopping cart. With this intuitive list manager, you can list all the things you need into the cart. Simple and useful – particularly when you have a checklist to tick off. It’s a finger friendly application that also includes language support for configuration utility and save/open/browse dialogs. There’s also SMS and D-pad support. So what are you waiting for? Create and manage lists (both standard and master lists) from your PC and transfer them directly to your device.

7. Scramble [2]: It’s popular on iPhone and it’s also accessible on windows phones. Play this word game in the way you know best: unscramble scrambled words in a rectangular grid. There are different modes and difficulty levels. You can unjumble in three, four and five minutes. Works on all screen resolutions: VGA, WVGA, QVGA and WQVGA and costs $0.99.

8. Facebook [3]: This app is intuitive and bests what Gravity offers Nokia phones and what Tweetdeck is to the iPhone. Being the official Facebook client, it scores in every department. While Tweetdeck and Gravity integrate Facebook and Twitter, this app is limited to Facebook. Upload videos and photos to Facebook or chat and even call people on your friends list.

9. Twit Today [4]: This is a cool little app that will help you tweet in a way that even the most popular twitter clients don’t have for the iPhones. Once you download this Twitter app, a textbox shows up on your Today screen. To tweet, all you have to do is fill the box with your desired text and hit ‘OK’. And if you want to watch over your friend’s tweets, just tap on the twitter icon to launch the mobile Twitter website.

10. Pocket RAR [5]: The WinRAR version for PocketPC – which is also by far the most downloaded file compressor for Windows. It allows you to compress and decompress any file without the need of a PC. Get it now to save on file storage and maximize space usage on your windows mobile.


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~Zahid H Javali