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Copy As Picture in Excel 2007

Ever find that you have part of an Excel 2007 worksheet that you need others to see. That is, they need to see the information displayed but in no way, shape or form do they need to actually possess the worksheet itself?

Basically – they need an “electronic print out” of a portion of a worksheet – in other words, you need so show them a picture of the worksheet.

Now I suppose that we could do a screen shot then go through the hassle of cropping and saving it… or we could just left Excel turn it into a picture for us…

Yeah, I vote for the second one too – so let’s take a look at what we have to do in order to “snap a picture” of our worksheet.

First, highlight the cells that you want to include in the picture.

Strangely enough, we’re going to head straight to the Paste button on the Home tab of the Ribbon. (I hear you – we haven’t copied yet so why are we pasting? Have faith – it sounds backwards but it works!)

Click the bottom half of the Paste button to display your pasting choices.


Choose As Picture at the bottom, then Copy as Picture from the submenu.

Now you should be looking at this:


In the Copy Picture dialog box make your choices regarding the appearance and format of the picture you want created then click OK.

At this point you can paste the picture wherever you need it.

It will behave as a picture with all the formatting options of a picture – not a worksheet!