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Copy & paste to Extend Excel Data

Yep – you read it correctly… you can extend the data used to create an Excel chart using a copy / paste maneuver.

Previously we’ve discussed using the data outline to extend what is included on the chart. (Click here to view the tip using this technique.)

I’ve got to say that extending the data outline is definitely an easy route to go but what if you’re not so good with the whole “grabbing a fill handle and dragging” thing. Some people just aren’t really terrific with that stuff.

And, let’s get serious here. The concept of starting over just to add data to data that already has an existing chart is completely out of the question. Very rarely do we create a chart and not spend time customizing it. So starting over would lead to repeating all that work. No way!

So, here’s another option you can use, and the good news is that it doesn’t require any extra skills or knowledge – simply use what you already know.

Next time you’re looking to add more data to an existing chart give this a try:

  1. Highlight the new data
  2. Copy the data
  3. Select the chart
  4. Paste the data


The chart is updated to include the extra data using all the chart’s current formatting.

No fuss, no muss and no repeating our efforts! Yeah!!