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Copy the Path

Q: Is there a faster way to open a file path? For example, can I copy and paste the line below somewhere and have the folder just open up?

c:\my documents\my folder\2001

I notice that many of your tips will tell us to navigate to a folder on our computer and it seems like it would be easier if we could just copy & paste the path somewhere.

Yup, sure is, and it’s really easy:

1. Copy the folder path.


2. Hit the Start button, Run .

3. Place your cursor inside the Run box and hit CTRL-V . Now hit Enter .


Explorer will pop open with focus on your folder. Cool huh?

In case you hadn’t already guessed, if you know the complete path to a file or program you can open it this way too.

Oh, you can also copy and paste your path into the Address Bar of My Computer or Windows Explorer (assuming it’s turned on of course). I just like this way better.