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Copy Your MS Office Quick Access Toolbar to a Different Computer

How much time have you spent customizing the Quick Access Toolbar in your MS Office 2007 programs?

If you’re anything like me then it’s quite a lot…

When you move to a new computer – or maybe decide that you want the one at home to match the one at work – what do you do?

Repeat all the work item by item?

Let’s hope not!

The fact is that when you customize your Quick Access Toolbar, there’s a file created – called a QAT file in Office 2007, and an OFFICEUI file in Office 2010 – and it’s just a matter of finding it and copying it to your other computer.

New question: How do I find the files? (Yeah that says files – each program creates its own, since we tend to have different needs for each one.)

Well… that depends upon your version of Windows. Different versions store this information in different places, but I’ve got the scoop for you right here.

If you’re working with Windows Vista or Windows 7, your QAT or OFFICEUI files should be located here:


For those of you with Windows XP, you should find them here:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Office\

*** Be sure to replace the <username> with your actual user name for that computer. ***

Once you locate the QAT or OFFICEUI files, it’s just a matter of copying them and pasting the files to the same location in the new computer.

Keep in mind that if the new computer has a different version of Windows, you may have to paste into the other location shown above.

That’s it – a quick file copy & paste allows you to skip all the repetitive work and have the Quick Access Toolbar anywhere you like.

~ April