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Copying Images From Word To A Folder

Herb, from Washington asks:

Recently, while assembling a photo album, I was unable to copy or drag and drop a .jpg photo from a WORD file into an Explorer folder. Is there a way to copy a graphic file from a WORD .doc file to a file in Explorer?

Thanks for the question Herb, and yes there is. What we’ll do here is copy the graphic into an image editor and save the resulting copy. Since Paint comes pre-installed in all versions of Windows, we’ll work with that.

First, right-click on the image in the Word document and select Copy from the context menu (or you can click the image and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C).


A quick way to open Paint (and one that works with various Windows versions) is through Run. Hold the Windows key and tap the R key (Win+R)…


…and type pbrush into the field. Click OK.


In Paint, either choose Paste from the Edit menu, or paste with the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+V.


Then, save the image to a convenient location (Ctrl+S).


If the original image is of sufficient quality, you may want to enlarge it as much as possible before copying (see below). The one used for this demonstration was a good quality photo (of our top quality dog) and the copy of the enlarged version was significantly better than that of a smaller saved copy. However, if the original is of poor quality, the saved copy will be likewise (quality in, quality out).


I hope this answered your question Herb.